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FMMC is focused on helping medium sized businesses grow.   Each of our partners has over 20 years’ experience in finance and operations related to medium sized Canadian business.

We make direct  investments of $2-$10 million  in cashflowing businesses across most industry sectors through our own funds.  FMMC Buyout Fund focuses on privately owned businesses with enterprise values of $5 to $50 million and our FMMC Private Yield Fund focuses on making subordinated loans to both private and publicly traded companies with EBITDA ranging from $1.5 to about $15 million.  Not sure whether you need equity or debt?  We do both, so can work with you to ensure the best fit for your specific business and owner situation.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of Investment Banking and Advisory Services  including mergers and acquisitions and helping boards and shareholders with a variety of other strategic advisory assignments.